1. Be Here Now by Ram Dass. This book changed me. It’s a simple story and guide split into three parts. It begins with Ram’s personal journey, transitions into a series of artistic pronouncements about life and spirituality, and then details lessons and guidance for how to live a spiritual life. The whole book resonated with me in a way that was hard to pin down. There are a lot of concepts and assertions that I would have had trouble connecting with in the past. Some of it is still a bit out there. Overall, though, I really enjoyed it and I’ve referenced it several times in the last couple weeks.

  1. Shards of Earth (The Final Architecture, #1) by Adrian Tchaikovsky. This was a big book, both in terms of the number of pages and the scope of the story. Humanity has spread throughout the universe. The Architects—strange, moon-sized entities that destroy entire planets—are back. I really enjoyed the concept of Unspace—a plane of un-reality where faster-than-light travel is possible. Interesting science, great character building, and a complex and enjoyable plot made this one of my favorite books on the list.

  1. The Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins. This was one of my favorite books this year! It was bizarre and surprising and horrifying at times. I’ve yet to read a novel with such breadth that was so neatly woven together.

  2. Piranesi by Susana Clarke. Imagine a house with infinite rooms full of thousands of statues. Imagine this house contains an entire ocean. Now imagine you live there. Piranesi was awe inspiring. I couldn’t put it down.

  3. Breath by James Nestor. This book literally changed my relationship with breathing. It also helped me improve the quality of my sleep! If you want to know more about the science of breathing, and why it’s fundamental to our well-being, check it out.

  4. Hyperion by Dan Simmons. This book has been on my reading list for years. I finally picked it up this year, and once I did I couldn’t put it down. There’s a reason this is a classic in the sci-fi genre.